My Story

My Story


Mama Maa’s autobiography was first published in 2002. It was re-published in 2012 as a limited edition and distributed as gifts to close friends and family she had invited to celebrate with her on her 90th birthday. At that time an addendum was introduced to bring it up to date but without disturbing the original biographical manuscript. This new section, in this 2015 edition, has been added to the beginning of the book, but again without disturbing the original biographical manuscript. It is therefore in reality a posthumous addition to the autobiography.

This autobiography remains just that. It is still the autobiography written as a collection of memories and reflections and fashioned into interesting tales. This is simply a new edition of the original work plus some recent bits by herself, no ghost writing whatsoever.

Author: Theodosia Salome Okoh

ISBN: 978-9988-1-6679-3

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