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Design Services

Our experienced design team will collaborate with you to develop the most attractive look and feel for your book. Incorporating your photos, sketches, graphics and direction, our design specialists will insure your ideas are translated.

Cover Design

It’s not a secret that a potential reader’s decision to learn more about your book relies heavily with the appeal of your book cover. Although we’re all reminded to “never judge a book by its cover,” this simply isn’t possible with readers who have thousands of books from which to choose. So, how do you entice readers to purchase your book in mere seconds? We have the answer.

Interior Design

DigiBooks page design specialists will work to ensure your book’s interior layout is well organized, visually pleasing and consistent with the highest standards.

Interior Color Illustrations

One of DigiBooks’ talented studio artists will use your descriptions and feedback to create custom color illustrations that reflect your book’s unique style.

Interior Black and White Illustrations

Our one-of-a-kind black and white illustrations can be completed in a wide variety of styles and subject matter, from people to landscapes, to technical drawings, maps and more.

Hardcover Publishing

Our hardcover books feature a durable cloth binding, an embossed spine and a full-color dust jacket that allows room for descriptive copy about your book and your author biography on its inside flaps.
Depending on the publishing package you choose, you may or may not receive a certain number of hardcover books. Our hardcover books are available in your choice of two formats: glossy casebound or dust jacket. The casebound option features a full-color glossy cover image adhered directly to the cover. The dust jacket option features a blue cloth cover with an embossed spine and a full-color dust jacket with flaps. The full-color dust jacket allows us to print your author biography and a description of your book on the inside flaps, freeing up the back cover to print reviews and endorsements. Your hardcover edition will also be assigned a unique ISBN.
Additional information about hardcover publishing:

  • The hardcover format requires a page count range of 108-800.
  • If the hardcover option is not included your purchased package, you may purchase it separately as an upgrade option.
  • Our hardcover books are only available in these trim sizes:
    • 5.5” × 8.5”
    • 6” × 9”
  • When publishing a hardcover book, the softcover trim size must match that of the hardcover.
  • You can provide additional text for the interior flaps of the dust jacket option, such as an excerpt of a book review or endorsement.
  • During book production, you will be given the opportunity to proof both the softcover and hardcover editions of your cover and suggest changes as appropriate.

Quick Facts | Hardcover Publishing

Creating a hardcover copy of your book will ensure that your book will be a keepsake for generations to come. Call +233 24 649 3842 for more information or to purchase this service.

Softcover Publishing

Our softcover books are formatted as trade paperbacks featuring better production quality, a larger size, and a higher retail price than a mass-market paperback format. Softcover formatting is standard with all of our publishing packages.
We want your book to last a lifetime. That’s why all of our black-and-white softcover books are formatted and printed as trade paperbacks. Trade paperback is an industry term that lets readers know the book is made of higher-quality materials, produced in a larger size and offered at a higher price than mass-market paperbacks.
The package you choose determines the number of free softcover books you receive.

Quick Facts | Softcover Publishing

We only use the high-quality paper and ink to ensure your book will last a lifetime. Call +233 24 649 3842 for more information.

Marketing Services

Our book marketing services will allow you to build your own marketing plan to achieve your goals. As a self-publishing author, you hold the reins when it comes to marketing your book — but that doesn’t mean that you’re left to figure it out on your own. Enlist our team of experienced professionals to help you customize a suite of services to promote your book with success.


Promote your book through proven media outlets and highly respected companies. This is your opportunity to promote your book in a way that aligns with your Christian morals, inspirational themes and family values.

Book Signings and Galleries

Promote your book face to face with readers at one of our exclusive book signing events. Or, choose to have your book featured at a book exhibit where it can be viewed by thousands of potential readers.

E-book Marketing

As e-books change the way people read, they also change the way authors market their work. Now more than ever, it’s essential to focus your marketing plan on an ever-growing online audience. Browse our e-book marketing services to discover the world of cutting-edge marketing opportunities that technology has created for you.

Internet Marketing

Marketing your book on the Internet is essential in today’s market. From setting up your own author Web site to connecting with readers through social networks, our Internet Marketing services can help you establish a strong online presence. Even if you’re not computer savvy, we can help you make your way through cyberspace.

Publicity Campaigns

Looking to get the biggest bang for your promotional buck? Our team has customized these DigiBooks Publicity Campaigns for optimal results. And because the services are bundled together, you pay less than our standard price for these premium services.

Publicity Services

The time-tested power of classic publicity practices are essential. Little can match the effectiveness of a positive book review in a popular magazine, or the reach and usefulness of a persuasively written press release. A successful book marketing plan will contain at least one core publicity service.


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